Everyone else was doing it.

No seriously, they were. Lemming much? Ayep.

I’ve always wanted to do some sort of blogging. I admire folks who are good at that ‘dedication’ thing. It’s funny, I know I’m capable of focusing on major projects for long periods of time. I’ve written a novel before (though admittedly not what I’d call a GOOD novel) but hell, if I can focus long enough to complete a two hundred thousand word manuscript, I should be able to accomplish anything I put my mind to, right? WRONG!

*insert annoying buzzer sound*

Haven’t been able to focus on any one thing since. I’m not complaining, I just get inspired by a lot of different things, and end up wandering off to “bigger and better ventures” before I finish the previous one. It’s good in some ways. Means I’m more creative, I suppose, but I need to channel some of that energy into a single project so I can see the fruits of my labors . Frost – my newest novel McThinger – is at fifty thousand words and still going strong, so I suppose that’s a step in the right direction. I think maybe trying a Blog and you know, sticking with it? Could be an exercise in discipline, too.

I’d say I don’t have enough material to post every day, but that’s a bunch of bollocks. I talk more than three people combined. Everything is material, you just have to know how to spin it, or so sayeth the Dorothy.

And now, to go play with settings, then I’ll write about . . . other stuff.

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