Delicious Dish.

Okay, so, this show really impresses the hell out of me. Two seasons of quality horror? Yes please. Masters of Horror is the brainchild of Mick Garris (you might blame him for the quasi-intolerable mini-series version of The Stand about ten years back). Essentially, Famous Horror Director X is given two million bucks and an hour of film time and told to make good things happen.

In general, they succeeded beautifully, and eight of them are damn near brilliant:

  • Dance of the Dead
  • Cigarette Burns
  • Sick Girl
  • Family
  • Sounds Like
  • Pelts
  • Right to Die
  • The Black Cat

The rest are – for the most part anyway – still good. I can only recall three abortions (avoid Pro-Life, We All Scream for Ice-Cream, and The Screwfly Solution like they will give you Ebola.)

I made Lauren sit down and watch a bunch of these with me and she liked them. She has pretty good taste so I consider it a victory. The DVDs are in stores now, and not all that expensive. Definitely worth picking up if you are any kind of horror fan. I believe the last of Season Two will be available this month or next, and I’m looking forward to seeing ’em.

One thought on “Delicious Dish.

  1. Now, now, The Stand wasn’t all that bad for what it was. I’d blame ABC more than Mick Garris, for limiting it to a week-long show (I think it was five nights?) rather than devoting a full season to it. Also, fuck Molly Ringwald right in her ear. I’m still pissed about the crappy performance she gave as a whiny, chickenshit Frannie. One of King’s strongest female characters reduced to “Oh, STU! What do we do NOW? *cry*” Bleh. And yes, part of that’s the scriptwriting, but man, her voice is fingernails on a chalkboard to me now. (And also, the costuming people kept sticking her in dresses, even though she rode across a plague-devastated country on a motorcycle. I can point out the one time in the book she’s in a dress. It ain’t on the way to Boulder.)However, most of the rest of the casting was pretty spot-on (Gary Sinise, Ruby Dee and even Rob Lowe – who I sneered at originally for playing my favorite character), and they kept to the heart of it pretty well.I would love to see what HBO could do with it, given world enough and time.Anyway. Masters of Horror. Good stuff, especially “Right to Die” and “The Black Cat.” I, uh, kinda didn’t enjoy “Pelts” as much as everyone else did. Very much hit my squick factor. And you will never, ever, get me to watch “Sick Girl.”

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