So I’ve been on an anime kick lately, which is odd. I have to be in the mood to stand the genre at all, and there’s no middle ground with me – either I really love it or I think it’s a steaming pile of crap.

Most recently I’ve been revisiting my favorites: Escaflowne, Samarai Champlu, Cowboy Bebop. Nothing surprising in that list, is there? Solid story telling, artsy frames, etc etc. Well, tickle me twice when Loleros introduces me to Haibane Renmei. HOLY CRAP THIS SERIES IS GOOD. It’s dark, I have to say that up front: any anime that focuses on children in Purgatory is bound to be hard to swallow, but the underlying theme of the story? Searching for redemption, and struggling with it once you have it in hand. It’s done so well, I actually found myself wishing I’d written it myself. I simply don’t do that.

So very good.


Another solid find was Full Metal Alchemist, which was forty something volumes of animated characters kicking you in the crotch until you bled out your nose. Not exactly what I’d call a joyride? But it’s worth it in the long run, lumpy swollen nads and all.

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