So lately I’ve been on a metal opera kick. What is metal opera you say? Well? Picture a really epic soundtrack to a movie, then add in a lot of heavy electric guitar and a female vocalist with a really strong voice. That’s essentially it.

Nightwish was my first discovery (thanks to Caulle, I have everything they ever made I think). They just released a new album that’s amazing. The Poet and the Pendulum is EPIC sounding, and lasts about thirteen minutes long. Amaranth is the highlight of the bunch, though – it’s probably the strongest track, as well as the most marketable as a single.

Within Temptation is another group that fits into the genre. They’re a bit of an Evanescence knock off, which can disappoint, but when they actually do things that break the mold and leave the rock formula behind? They have a great sound.

So yeah, there’s my music nerd-out for the day. One thing I will say about metal opera is their lyrics need a lot of work. They sound a bit too much like angsty teenage goth poetry:

The dreamer and the wine
Poet without a rhyme
A widowed writer, torn apart by chains of Hell

. . . okay, they’re pretty friggin bad. I admit it. It’s the sound I like, okay? OKAY?!

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