I’m Scared. Hold Me.

Ever since Anne Rice wrote about a bunch of well dressed emo vampires, the face of the vampire has changed. The media portrays the blood drinker as a sophisticated victim of circumstance who rues the day he was ever given eternal life in exchange for a pulse and a soul. I think everyone got used to that switch; even the ‘bad guy’ vampires aren’t that scary because you always get the sense that they might not kill you and suck your blood if you offer them a glass of wine or a crumpet.

Then you have this.

The last time I was actually scared of a vampire, I was about four years old and seeing Salem’s Lot for the first time. I think Dave put it best; 30 Days Of Night vampires are vermin. They’re disgusting and savage and much more likely to roll around on your corpse to cover themselves in your blood than to take that tea and crumpet. It’s amazing. I sat through the whole movie wincing.

The folks I saw this with didn’t have too much to say about the movie other than ‘ew’ and ‘wow’. I was a bit surprised at how fast the ending came (dismayed too, to be honest) but that may have been because the pacing is so deliberate through most of the film that you expect a long, deliberate end to it all too. Not so. It’s wrapped up in a quick, tidy package and there’s even a poignant tear jerker at the end. Apparently the graphic novel has an amazing last line that wasn’t included in the script here and that was a bit of a bummer for Dave, but all in all? Wow, what a scary movie. So *very* good.

Go see it!

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