It’s a mythical thing at this juncture; work, home, social obligations. My list of “Stuff To Do” is huge, and I haven’t even got the drive to even think about it at length:

1) Taxes
2) Pay that speeding ticket
3) Wash the dishes
4) Finish the laundry
5) Call my dad
6) Call my grandmother
7) A gym, or some regular excercise

Etc, etc, etc. I have intentions, but I need to settle into the work pattern to be able to figure out when to do things. At this point I just get home, take my clothes off, curl into a blanket and relax. Last night, I took a two hour bath. It was marvelous.

The new job isn’t bad, it’s just different and difficult to get accustomed to. I see files of people with horrible lives, and I can’t help but react to them. I hope I can get past the gut punch feeling when I see something horrible happen to a little kid. I don’t get paid enough to feel ill at work on a regular basis. Time will tell, I suppose.

Monday? Monday I’m gonna pay that speeding ticket. And tonight on the way home from work I’m gonna call grandma.

First steps are always small, but significant.

One thought on “Balance.

  1. The Gut Punch never really goes away, the coping gets better. As me about the 14 year old with biploar/aggressive features and schizophrenia. So says the dude with 10 years experience and an ulcer the size of texas.

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