So Much To Say.

So little time.

First thing’s first, though. Heroes.

This show irritates the SNOT out of me.

For the first dozen or so episodes I couldn’t get enough. The characters were interesting, the plotline’s predictability was peppered with enough minor twists to keep me amused. The story was quasi-believable (or at least as believable as a super hero storyline can be), and the acting was solid.

Then they saved the cheerleader. Oh god, why did they have to do that? The series lost direction then. Something happened after Claire got her rescue and I’m not sure what it was, but it wasn’t interesting. We had about four or five episodes of meandering nothing story. There were snippets fed to us about the impending boom (aka series finale) but it took a backseat to “character development” bits that were horribly boring. The only good thing that came out of the second half was Mister Sulu (Hiro’s dad) and Linderman. The rest of it – to me, at least – was a huge let down. The pacing was terrible, the characters made illogical decisions which led to contrived, tired plotlines, and the major epic fight in the finale was yawn-worthy.

I’m mad at Heroes. I’m not sure I ever even want to bother with the second season. So much build up for such a fizzling, gross ending.


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