Many moons.

Have passed since I last posted here.

I was doing well for myself, maintaining some kind of posting schedule, but then my grandmother passed and it fell to the side. Unfortunate, that. I’m back now at the request of Finzorro, who encouraged me to revisit my little corner of the interwebs. Thanks Fin, for reminding me it existed.

Commence with the dusting off of crap and general bullshittery associated with being a Hillyva.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine (Warcraft goers would know him as Hait from Chaos) last night. He said “I wouldn’t bring a kid into the world like it is now.” That comment actually annoys the everliving crap out of me. Look back at history – at the middle ages, the 1800’s, and the general fuckwaddery that has been human existance. It was legal to beat your wife up until fairly recently. Women couldn’t vote. Blacks couldn’t drink from the same fountain as a white person. The “good ol’ days” weren’t that good, people. Now’s better than it’s ever been.

Think about it . . . we have such a thing as public awareness. We have information at our disposal. Hundred years ago the only way you learned anything was from a late-delivered paper from a dude on a donkey. If someone was diddling little kids? You’d find out word of mouth 2 months later. AWESOME.

-We have medicine, they had tree bark.
-We have special interest groups, they had lynch mobs.
-We have education systems that will educate regardless of class, color, or sex. They had private tudors for the rich elite.

You see where I’m going with this.

The mentality of the world today being such a craptastic place to live infuriates me. I do not try to tell people that everything is rosie, we’re living in Utopia and all will be wonderful tomorrow. That’s shit. What I’m saying is living in the present with its attempts at freedom, its attempts at educating on the masses on the injustices in the world, the advancement of medicine, the literacy rate . . . all of it is good. Better. Best it’s ever been. Get past the past. Don’t try to sell me on how swell it used to be. Our society is the way it is today because someone with a clue stood up and said “I can improve on something”. We’re not even close to perfect, but we’re making strides. Saving the environment, protecting children from predators, giving people vaccines so they live an extra forty years . . . that’s progress. Sure we’re less innocent than we used to be, but in this particular case, innocence unfortunately means abysmally uninformed. I’ll take the bitter instead of blind ignorance.

It ain’t so bad today. Fuck yesterday.

/end soap box.

2 thoughts on “Many moons.

  1. 1) I agree. This post reminds me of a scene from the awesome movie “Before Sunset” (If any of you ladies out there are like Celine, please marry me at your earliest convenience). Things may be shitty in some regards, but there are undeniable advances. 2) Yay for back to blogging!I shall throw the horns with both hands \m/ \m/

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