Foiled Again.

So in a fit of Mother Nature fuckery, we lost power for three hours last night. I wasn’t doing much, just hanging out with that guy in Nerdcraft, but it still sucked balls. I have to admit it wasn’t the dark that really made things gross, though – it was the water. Three inches in my basement. Yeah, apparently the brain surgeons who lived in our house before us didn’t reconnect the sump pump when they took their dehumidifier out, nor did they tell us they were going to half-ass it and just leave tubes coiled up underneath the stairs.

Water. Everywhere.

I wanted to punch Misses Swanson, the nice old lady who sold us this place, in the baby maker. That wouldn’t have been nice, but man it would have felt good.

It really didn’t help that our back door is leaking water to all hell too. Nothing a wad of sheets didn’t take care of, but with no power, water already abounding, and a whole lot of nothing to do at nine o’clock, I think both of us were ready to explode.

I suspect we’ve got some home repair in front of us.

/whirly finger

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