Feeling bleh.

I know some people who get sick with grace. My mother, for example, is a bloody warrior when she’s sick. She just sits on her couch, doesn’t complain, and watches tv until the gross goes away.

I am not so noble.

Since Thursday I have had on again, off again pains in my stomach and a headache. Needless to say, I’ve been incredibly uncomfortable all weekend long. This makes me super whiny. I’m sure I’ve been a peach to deal with. Friday night I was so cold I was wrapped in a down comforter in an 85 degree basement. Lauren says this was fever, and I tend to agree, because at 3 am I ripped the comforter off with a mighty WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING IT’S TOO HOT OMG bitch-fit moment. My guess? That’s when the fever broke

Here is to hoping next week makes my guts less pissy. I’d like to enjoy food again, and right now, most food is attempting to kill me as it makes a rapid decent through my body, roller coaster style, complete with the drops, twists, and turns. Roller coasters are fun until you put a track through your lower intestines. Then? Yeah. Not so fun.

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