What’s wrong with me?

No really?

Well a lot, probably, but over the past six months I have been a good employee for Comcast. I’ve had at least a half dozen customer compliments, two MOE’s (awards, big important ones). I’ve got a boss that’s incredibly supportive, and a team of managers that seem to think I’m the beans. I’ve doubled my sales numbers and made my metrics. I have done my job plus some.

Inevitably a job opens that would be a great opportunity for me, and I’m up for it! Yay! I talk to the boss in that department. My performance and my five years of sales background really seem to interest her. All around this is a good fit, we think, and they start to pursue me as a better-than-average candidate.

A pre-interview, then another. All is looking wonderful.

Then, on the day of my first official interview with my spiffy resume and accomplishments behind me, I walk into the HR office and . . . fail the personality test. She can’t even interview me for the position because according to a test riddled with statements like Agree or Disagree: I have never been jealous, I am not fit to sell for Comcast. You need to score a 24 on their personality test in order to be granted the interview, and I scored a 23. I missed it by one point. Mind youn I’m fit to double my sales numbers every month (which I’ve done since hire). I was fit to sell millions of dollars worth of uniforms for Aramark for five years and position within the top ten percent of their sales team, but the fourteen page personality test says I’m not right for this particular position, that I would be a mark against their department.


Not only is this upsetting because I know I can do the job, it’s upsetting because I can’t get past the niggling part of my brain saying that there’s something wrong with me. I tested weird and out of the ordinary, and even though the evidence of my aptitude suggests this is a logical and smooth transition, I failed because there’s something wrong with me. That’s what the test is saying isn’t it? “You might be the perfect candidate on paper, but the real you just isn’t what we’re looking for. Sorry!” The amount of stress this incident has caused me is pretty hideous. I have crappy self esteem anyway. I’m starting to believe my self deprecating humor about being a social pariah.

It’s tough knowing that you’ve managed to turn your life around by making the right decisions at your job and it’s still not enough.

5 thoughts on “What’s wrong with me?

  1. Dude, it really sounds to me more like it was a case of you being way more honest than the people who designed those bullshit tests planned for.I don’t really have much experience as I have all of 4-5 months of work experiance :(Maybe talk to your boss and explain the situation? Sounds like they were pretty excited about you. Perhaps they can do something about it?In any case, you should eat some delicious cheese. It will make you feel better! *hugs*

  2. Ok, that sucks in a big way! I can’t believe it! I would totally fight for that position. One freakin’ point? And on a personality test? Total bull shit.

  3. This is all HR driven. The most important thing a company has is its people. But how do you measure their value? Some HR type comes up with a test that “aligns” a persons skills with their “ideal” job. And dehumanize them in the process.HR literature tells us that HR professionals are “centers of expertise” and that all personel decisions must go through them.IMHO, they are more harmful than good.

  4. Why fank yoo all of you for being loverly folks. I tend to agree that HR is an enormous ball of suck right now, but I suppose they have a job to do too. It’s just you know, a job that pretty much removes their most qualified candidate from the applicant pool.Idiots.NOT BITTER.

  5. Huge corporate infostruction ftl.And, I have had the same issue with those stupid personality tests.They’re a ridiculous and flawed way of judging people.

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