I have found the beautifulness.

This totally blows me away.

It’s cereal – a thing of awesome – but it’s cereal mystically mutated into a snacky, non-chippy food. WHY ARE YOU SO DAMNED DELICIOUS? More importantly, why didn’t I find you sooner? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind. And yeah, so like I was saying about Russia (okay, there is NO correlation between Russia and Cheerios, unless of course Cheerios are made by communists, which is possible. Marty has been suspiciously quiet lately. “Painting the condo.” COMMIE.) Ahem.

I’m pretty disgusted by what’s going on in Russia. Georgia’s saying it’s signed and adhered to the peace agreement laid down by the fellow European nations, Russia’s said nothing more than a non-committal “Meh“. It’s not promising to leave, it’s not promising to stay. It’s just blowing shit up and letting the dirt fly.

The thing that bugs me is CNN had this huge article today about how we can punish Russia for invading our friend. Their big huge solution was to boycott some marine-time fun fest they have every year where everyone gets together and talks boat safety. I realize that boat safety is important – “What’s wake?” – but this doesn’t cross me as an appropriate slap on the wrist for INVADING ANOTHER COUNTRY. Something more appropos might be sodomy by angry squirrels. Or maybe we can stop purchasing mail order brides in bulk. Eh? Eh?

I should be a diplomat. I swear. Brilliant ideas just pop into my head.

It’s like we have a front row seat to a time warp.

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