Fourteen bucks for good icecream?

You bet.

When I was a kid my mother got milk delivered to our house. We were one of only a few families that paid the extra money for farm-fresh milk. I’ll tell you from first hand experience? Fresh milk is so much better tasting than the store bought crap, it’s completely amazing. The difference is unbelievable.

When we moved to Bridgewater, my mom got really excited because Crescent Ridge, the local milk delivery folks, wouldn’t deliver to HER town any longer, but they would to mine. Mom brought her milk box down and started her service, buying a gallon of orange juice and a gallon of milk for us the first week. Dave was hooked, and I was brought back to my childhood for a week. The milk was awesome, the orange juice was some of the freshest.

Fast forward a month later. We’re now getting regular milk deliveries and our milk is the best we could hope for. Last week they had a buy 2 half gallons of icecream for fourteen bucks promotion (I don’t even want to know what the list price was), and I jumped at it. I love icecream. It’s probably why I’m fat.

Long story short: was it worth the fourteen dollars? Oh. Hell. Yes. This stuff is so far superior to the shit in the stores it’s not even funny. The only place that rivals it is Peaceful Meadows which is, again, another local dairy farm that makes its own icecream.

I’m going to have to try a Coldstone Creamery for a point of comparison, but right now? I’m sticking by Crescent Ridge.

So good. SO good.

One thought on “Fourteen bucks for good icecream?”

  1. Honestly, Coldstone icecream is good, not great, but above average. The way I see it, what makes it “special” (or whatever) is more the gimmick of it. Not to mention the silly amount of crap they try to put on your icecream.But the icecream by itself, while certainly good, is way too expensive for what it is.Now, Americone Dream? Delicious. And it tastes like America.

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