Done til December.

I’m going on political black-out, which means no political blogs and limited exposure to election news from here on out. Comments directed at me will be either misdirected or rudely ignored. I’m kinda done.

I come from a family of staunch republicans. My grandmother voted republican every single year of her life except the last election. She refused to vote for George W. My mother did the same; they were republicans who absolutely despised the man and wouldn’t support him. That being said, I’m really fucking tired of the republicans = pro-Bush shit I’m reading EVERYWHERE, because I know from my limited world experience that these absolutes are uhhh, wrong. Simply because you vote republican doesn’t make you bad or retarded or a Bush-supperter Of course, the same can be said about liberal people: voting liberal doesn’t mean you support philandering old perverts. Nor does it mean you want to prance naked in a glen of trees. It just means you happen to prefer a candidate over another candidate for your own personal reasons.

Those reasons should be respected, even if you don’t agree with them. N’est ce pas?

I watched my living room get heated last week because people couldn’t and didn’t agree on candidates. Who you’re voting for is your decision, and you can help educate someone else on the pro’s of your candidate, but attacking them is erm, yeah no. You don’t have to like who other people are voting for, you don’t have to agree on any points at all, but goddamnit, not in my house. Not on my computer. Keep it civil and keep the tempers in check because I am the Queen of my domain, and here, what keeps me comfortable is pretty important.

There are those who find debate stimulating and thought provoking. Under some circumstances, I agree. Lately though, I find my blood pressure rising when it shouldn’t, and it’s not even about the issues at hand. What’s getting to me is people taking stands SO strongly, they’re forgetting that most of the folks on the other side of the political fence are prolly pretty good people and not out to get them. They might you know, be the parents of a friend, or a friend, or . . . a loved one even?


Anywho, done with the political thing. Onto bigger and better topics that won’t make me angry at people for making generalizations about things that should NOT be generalized.


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