And Illin’.

Another list of tunes, this one less apt to make you cut yourself.


Sting – Until
Frente – Labor of Love
Lunascape – Lane Navachi
Duran Duran – Ordinary World
Ivy – Worry About You
Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line
Decemberists – Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect
Air – All I Need
Lindsey Buckingham – Did You Miss Me
Jem – They
Malcolm McLaren – About Her
Dusty Springfield – Windmills of Your Mind
Chris Rea – On the Beach
Frou Frou – Let Go
Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth
Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am
Nick Drake – One of These Things First
(Mirrormask) – If I Apologized (from the flick, no idea the actual artist)

Also, <3s ma Von.

3 thoughts on “Chillin’.

  1. DO NOT SLAM THE JEM – EITHER OF THEM – IN MY PRESENCE. We are the Misfits, and our songs are better. We are the Misfits, the Misfits, and we’re gonna get her!/dances

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