So my car, it’s like broken. It’s been stalling out all week. When I took it to the dealership, they tried to tell me there was nothing wrong with it, that the computer was just mis-firing and the check engine light was on by accident.

I promptly told them they were wrong. I was even quasi-polite when I told them they were wrong considering I’d been waiting an hour and forty five minutes for them to come tell me NOTHING WAS WRONG WITH A STALLING CAR.

Fortunately for them (their ears most notably) on their second test drive of the car, it stalled as I said it would, so now they’re stumped. They sent me home, wondering aloud if I’d been dumb enough to put diesel in the gas tank. The answer is a very firm FUCK NO I’M NOT THAT RETARDED.

So! They have no clue what’s wrong with my car, but it’s under warranty for another 6 months and 6 thousand miles, so they WILL figure it out.

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