Tales of woe!

Alas. Lament. Rue the day!

My car story comes to a very angry close.

So I wrote before about the hour and a half wait for the asshats at Boch Toyota to not know that my car was stalling because they didn’t ask what was wrong with the car when I brought it in, nor did they check the notes I gave the first guy I spoke with on the phone. We waited another hour after that for them to check it AGAIN, they told us we’d have to pay for the rental car they’d provide if it proved to be our fault (ie diesel instead of regular gas in the tank).

We passed on the rental because it was my day off and we didn’t really need it. Plus? I didn’t want to give them an excuse to charge us for the car since the work was free – car’s still under warranty. They called us the next day and said the car was fixed, the computer was misfiring on all four cylinders and they’d reset it (aka hit one button to fix it). I knew it wasn’t fixed, Dave knew it wasn’t fixed. Sure enough, right after picking it up we got the check engine light again and next day, the car stalled a half dozen times at varying speeds when Dave was taking it to work. I called a service manager, bitched – loudly – they took it back and gave us a rental, assuring us the rental would be free.

Dave went and got the rental on Saturday. When he was there they said “give us a credit card number so they can charge it if we don’t bring the car back on time”. Yeaaah. It wasn’t supposed to be charged to us, he was told it wouldn’t be, so he just gave them the debit card.

Next day he tries to use the debit to get his hair cut and the card won’t take. Some stupid sonuva charged us for the guaranteed freeeeee rental, and I bounced a check because of it.


So I called another manager, this time from rental, and they reversed the charge as well as promised to credit us back for the bounced check because their employees are stupid.

All during this car disaster? My computer fried and the warranty JUST ran out. I have to pay out of pocket for someone to come in and test my hardware tomorrow and hopefully – HOPEFULLY – get me going for tomorrow afternoon.

So yeah. How was YOUR week?

(FYI the car is back, and apparently really fixed this time, so something went right, eh?)

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