Delayed posting, I know.

Sorry about that. We had the Marty, Shannon, and Von-brigade out last weekend and it was spectacular. Truly the highlight of my autumn.

Sad to say? A few days after they left things started to suck. Again.

Dave’s department got cut at his company, and he has either 30 days to find something internally (not likely) or they let him go with half a year’s pay as a severance. Admittedly, the severance is nice? But the stability of the job is better. What we’re hoping for at this point is for him to find something fairly quickly. Even if it takes him 3 months, 3 months of salary on top of working again is good stuff. We’ll make out with this lay off.

So keep fingers and toes crossed for him and us. I really don’t want to get into this house just to have to turn around and sell it in THIS market. That’d suck.

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