Le package.

I come home from work today to spot a little white bag package on my front doorstep. I scoop it up, see it’s from Von, and bring it into the house with a smile. I place said package on the couch as I go to the bathroom.

A few minutes later, I hear a “scritch scritch. scritch scritch SCRATCH” and the obnoxious sound of tearing. As I have my pants around my ankles, I can’t exactly go out and prevent the destruction going on in my living room. As soon as I’m capable of moving, though, I zoom out and find Grifter, the large cat, halfway INTO the bag Von sent me. He’d torn a hole with claws and teeth, and was attempting to insert himself into the special delivery.

There’s some adage about two pounds of shit in a one pound bag.

I was completely baffled for about twelve seconds. Griff’s not destructive, he’s a good boy, and he generally leaves my crap alone. Then I see the catnip toys she’d sent as a ‘thank you’ for her visit.

. . . I laughed. Hard.

So Vonnie, thank you SO much. Griff wanted to let you know he totally appreciates the toy I now call Pinko Mouse (in honor of the Pinko Commie Marty), and Doc and Samara have been playing with the other, smaller mice. The book I will delve into soon.

Many many hearts.

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