Damn you Reuben. Damn you.

So I’m bad at this blogging thing. I get brilliant ideas to KEEP GOING WITH THEM. And then something shiny happens and I’m gone.

A few life updates.

1) Frost. My project. My beautiful little story about a creepy little girl is at 75,000 words. And counting. I need to finish it.

2) Niniane. A youth fiction project with Lauren that is a /joy/ to write. It’s about 40,000 words in and it’s quality stuff.

3) I’m diseased. Again. Way to go fat, way to go. I used to be healthy when I was thin.

4) I have a puppy. This is Lulu. Lulu eats everything. Very loving, very cute, very lapdog.

5. There’s another blog project that people will hopefully punch me in the face to complete every week. It’s about Warcraft. Go, go wttrp.com.

6. Newest musical fixes? The new Lily Allen album and the new Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. I’ll post more about them later.


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