Weekend company.

So the angriest woman in the world is due into my house in about T-Minus thirty minutes. No, it’s not my mother. It’s my guild leader from Warcraft. She’s epically awesome. Her name is Crystal, but uhhh, everyone online calls her Caulle (Call) or Gaets (Gates).

Tonight, thanks to her nerdness and the nerdness of Lauren & Crew, I’m watching the season finale of BSG. I’ve never really seen anything of the series so . . . I’M GONNA BE TOTALLY LOST. Good times. Least I have beer (that I shouldn’t be drinking, but I’ll be drinking anyway).

The good news? I have Season 5 of House mostly downloaded. I love that guy so much.

More updates to come. In the meanwhile? Enjoy the new Lily Allen Single on me.

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