Four Seasons of BSG.

In an hour. Between Lauren’s training guide, Caulle’s commentary, and Bricu’s little blue burbs on the 33 page hand out given to me to catch me up, I wasn’t totally lost during the finale.

I still think Stabuck’s send out was Teh Gay. I don’t watch the show, but it didn’t seem entirely logical and was cause for much dispute on my living room floor.

The one good thing about sitting through this was Callum Keith Rennie (AKA Leoben Conoy) who played Lew Ashby on Californication. I know a lot of folks don’t get Showtime? But I will say with some surety that Californication has some of the snappiest, most clever writing of any show out there. You might not like the subject matter or the raunchiness? But the dialogue is MINT. Let’s put it this way. If I wrote a show, and wanted to put one on my resume, this is the type of show I’d attach my name to. I wouldn’t say that about much.

So there.

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