Query This.

So we queried five agencies on Friday, and we may query a sixth when Lauren and I hash out a synopsis.

To say we were ready for mass rejection form letters was an understatement. Sure a few folks from Hachette had looked at it and told us to get an agent, but that wasn’t a sell, nor was it an endorsement we could use in our queries. It was a “hey, this is pretty good, you should see what you should do with it.” The long and short of it is: there was one rejection because the agent simply didn’t handle that type of material. Okay, we get it, that’s clear cut enough. The next two answers have been “Yes give us your material so we can read it.” Most folks don’t get that far, and for two separate agents to ask for it within one day of each other not knowing the other had it is pretty remarkable. Hopefully one of them – or one of the two who hasn’t answered – comes back to us with a “Give us your full manuscript please.” That’d be keen. Representation and getting published would be even keener.

I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic here – most people simply don’t get published and that’s that. With every green light it’s harder to stay grounded and NOT be excited. I simply don’t want to be horribly disappointed if things don’t end up going the way I’d planned or wanted, so every thumbs up I get I’m going to immediately counter with “Not sold yet”. Let’s see what happens.

In the meanwhile, have some musical awesomeness.

Zero 7 – Distractions

Sister Hazel – Out There

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