After my grandmother died I stopped dreaming, which was really really odd. Well, I didn’t STOP per say, but I did stop remembering my dreams. Considering I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, I’d felt like I’d lost an old friend. A lot of my zaniest writing ideas were brewed in the depths of my comatose subconscience, and there I was, waking up in the morning going “What the hell, man?!”

This randomly changed about two months ago. Out of nowhere, BAMB, my dreams were back. This morning I woke up after dreaming that someone /assassinated Julie Andrews/. Not murdered, assassinated in a public venue with like, a sniper rifle. Who would DO that? Everyone loves her! She’s … you know, all whiskers on kittens and stuff.

Sometimes my brain works in truly wondrous ways. Sometimes it’s just terrifying.

Needless to say it was fucked up and left me with a very O.o morning face.

Currently tapping away at The Chronicles of Null: __________. If you can’t tell we haven’t named book two, but then, we haven’t sold book one so it’d be a little premature. However, filling in the blank with something awesome might get you a cookie.

Or you know, a link to something equally as awesome.

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