The Skinny on The Skinny.

So after 43 thousand doctors appointments, a billion tests, and a lot of doctorial (is that a word) head scratching, I can honestly say for the first time in a year . . . I feel good. Great even. I’ve lost 14 pounds so far which (like my mother says) is akin to throwing the deck chairs off of the Titanic, but it’s a start. The pills I’m on are helping tremendously.

When you’re fat, and you stop eating a lot of crappy food and still don’t lose weight, it’s heartbreaking, frustrating, and will pretty much send you spiraling down a path of self loathing. I found myself bugging out that people who looked at me were thinking MAN THAT CHICK SHOULD LAY OFF THE TWINKIES. The problem was, I don’t eat Twinkies – haven’t for a long time. Most fats and sugary things had been removed a while ago while we tried to figure out what had sent my stomach into fits. Despite the change in diet, I didn’t lose more than three pounds over a year. Now add in the fact that I was throwing up ALL THE TIME. I felt like I was lying to my doctors when I insisted I’d made a lifestyle change. It was really frustrating.

Discovering that hey, Hillary didn’t lose weight because of a chemical imbalance and a medication can fix it . . . that made me feel a little better. The fourteen pounds I’ve lost over the last month have made me feel A LOT better. Changing my diet, moving more . . . it mattered, and now my body is being forced to do what it should have been doing all along. It’s validation at this point that I made the right decisions, even if it took a whole heck of a lot of time to see results.

In other news, anyone who likes old school rock and roll should check out This Band. Their guitar riffs are amazing, their sound is 60’s/70’s rock with a little bit of blues. I’d hawk The Black Keys to anyone.

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