That’s the word anyway. Gettin’ there slowly but surely, down another two.

We have an agent that requested a full manuscript and we are ready-to-pee-ourselves-excited. She said something about ‘if you’re writing is as good as the sample I’ll have to take you to lunch.” I think the writing in the book is as good? I think the book gets better the more you read? So . . . yeah.

Queried a couple others in the meanwhile, and one got back and said not a good fit for her. I say c’est la vie. The one thing I will say about this full request: the agent who has it tweeted “If we don’t say you’re a good writer in our form rejection, you probably aren’t.” So if she comes back with a form rejection at this point, and says nothing about our writing capabilities, I have to assume she thinks we’re shitty writers.


In other news, just bathed DeeDee, more because she’s hot than she is stinky. She is currently barking from the backyard to let me know she disapproves.

I frankly don’t care.

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