I’ve played for what, five years now? Kind of strange to think about the big picture. I figured out what an online addiction was from it, certainly, and I had an inability to balance my game time and my real life responsibilities. I learned the hard way then that my priorities were screwed up and have since made the necessary changes to better living. I’ve made friends, a community, and have traveled to visit those friends. I’ve lost friends too, and those incidents were very painful.

When I think about my time invested in this game, it’s riddled with ups and downs and all arounds. I’m not nearly as interested in chasing the next epic as I used to be, though there was a time that’s all I wanted to do. The mechanics are old, the graphics just as old . . . how many kobolds and undead and wolves can one nerd kill, right? I’ve been a huge advocate for RP sometimes. Other times I’ve been a forum troll. I think I’ve done a little bit of everything in this stupid game.

What always kept me coming back, despite all of the nonsense aspects, was the people. The Martys and Reubens and Laurens and Scotts and Nicks and Evies and Jenis and Gabbys, just to name a few. I would log on even when some game related drama made me sick just so I could reconnect with my friends. It became my place for socialization when I wasn’t with the real life crew/family I see weekly.

And now I’m not comfortable doing that thanks to Real ID, and I resent that. I resent that now, thanks to this system, people I can’t just go and see (because they live in Canada or Washington or Chicago or Texas) may leave the medium we use to primarily communicate. I resent that the fear of this Real ID system’s implementation has injured my community to the point that it’s making us all ponder quitting. I always wondered what it would take to draw me away from Warcraft. Mind you, I know I could talk to them on chat programs and emails, but this was something we did together and shared. It’s one of those things that when conversation grew quiet about OTHER things, we had this to jaw about, and now it’s going away.

Since the stir of Real ID’s douchebaggery started, I’ve felt like I’m pre-maturely mourning the death of something I highly value. This does not bode well, methinks.

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