Shamed by the Vonnie.

SORRY VON. Yeah, yeah, I know. I went back to work and haven’t gotten into the swing of things yet.

Stuff and things. First I’m feeling icky. Have been since Saturday, BUT! My icky now is better than my icky say six months ago. Doing better in general. Doctor’s office on Thursday to get back on the anti-nausea meds, but other than that I think I’m doing all right. Still fretting about my job security – bad job market and I’ve been sick for about a year now, but the only thing I can do is truck through it when I can (like working sick Sat and Mon, like I did) and bringing in notes.

In the meantime, if you haven’t seen this video you should:

I’m an Eminem fan, I’ll admit it, but the thing I like most about this is A) The use of Rihanna (pointed) and B) Meghan Fox, who I thought was a vacuous waste of space donated her salary from the making of this video to a battered women’s shelter.

Good stuff.

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