Inspiration is SO Weird.

So I’ve been toying with the idea of a book about witches. I’ve always wanted to do one, and ever since I read Anne Rice’s Witching Hour, I’ve been fascinated with them. The problem was every story I ever contemplated doing seemed cliche and not all that interesting, so I sort of told myself to sit around and wait, and one day, a witch story with depth and interest would present itself.

And it did so yesterday.

Now, this on its own is not odd. In the course of a week, three novel ideas stream through my head. Some of them suck the big one. Others? Not so much, and I toy with them. If they seem really interesting, I might take a few notes or scribble a few paragraphs down and save them for later. What I do not do is outlines. I’ve always felt they restricted me. What if a better idea comes along midway through the story? I’ve got this stupid outline! And straying from it? NO CAN DO. So I wing it, and then worry about congruency errors later on.

So riddle me this, Batman: how is it when I decided to tie a witch story together (after reading a really fascinating article on Wikipedia about Cambion) I ended up not only doing an outline, but a complete plot synopsis of a witch story over the course of three hours without break? It was SO WEIRD. I think part of it is the story is busy enough I needed to be sure that information was metered out through the chapters so I didn’t risk info dump.

At any rate, I’ve found my next bit of inspiration. The Legacy is getting ready for it’s “final touches” before it goes to the last reader of them all (being Lauren), so I’m almost finished with that, and Nin got another 1600 words the other day. We seem to be doing all right for ourselves!

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