I remember my grandmother talking to me about how hard writing was for her about fifty years ago. Apparently, women had a really tough time in the writing industry, unless of course they were writing for children or what would be considered “chick lit” by today’s standards. Since her main bread and butter was greeting card copy, my grandmother wrote under a pen name to keep her identity masked. Her gender couldn’t be used against her then.

I got thinking about that whole “what’s in a name” thing the other day. See, Nin – the book we got the agent for – is targeted towards early teens. We kept the themes and language clean. Mind you, it’s not totally vanilla, there is SOME darkness to the story, but not nearly as much as say oh . . . that witch story I posted down below. Of course that witch story is an adult fiction project, but still. What would happen if 13 year old Jenni picks up my book and then decides reading my dark demon story would be a good plan. There’s adult themes and language in there, and I’d be responsible for scarring some kid for life or something.

So yeah, a pen name maybe. And I’ve decided if I need one for whatever reason, I’ll prolly end up using my grandmother’s.

J. Howard Clark.

Got a ring to it, eh?

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