Working Off Of An Outline.

Versus not.

It’s kinda strange. The nice thing about working off of an outline is I did all the thinking up front. Now it’s just crafting sentences and story to bring about what my brain already spewed out. This makes me feel like I’m cheating in some ways, like I did all the heavy lifting. That whole actually writing the book? Is easier than making cohesive, likable characters and an interesting plot.

On one hand it makes regimenting my day easier – “I accomplished this today” and then I highlight the correlating chapter notes on my outline. Bam done. On the other hand, though, I feel less inspired? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not losing steam. It’s actually easier with the outline to keep going. Even if I’m not feeling particularly creative I can reference my notes and get what I need to get done onto the page. The problem is on those wildly creative days when I want to let my freak flag fly, I have to pull back. Lydie’s story is very precise in that certain information has to be revealed and meted out over time so things make sense later on. I can’t randomly decide she conquers Disney World.

. . . though man, it’d be funny if she did.

So far 6000 words in, and going strong. Trying to flesh out the devil now. Do I want a smooth criminal? Or a savage icky-man? Time will tell, I guess.

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