Hillary Versus The Devil Box

Round One.

I am not a television watcher despite the fact that I’m employed by a cable provider.  Amusing, I know, since it means I don’t really take advantage of my employee benefits to their fullest (and couch potatoes everywhere would like to smear my face in a cow pie for that fact).  I do make the occasional exception, though, and one such exception would be the show Supernatural.  Let’s get the reason people will SAY I watch it out of the way, shall we?

Beef, It Does A Body Good

This does not hurt the show.   I’m not going to lie; the three guys are uhhh . . . distracting.  Especially when Misha does Batman Castiel voice (this is a tangent, by the way) . . . BUT.  BUT I’M NOT DISTRACTED BY THE HOT, AT ALL.  Ahem.

In all seriousness, let me show you the real reason I watch the show from week to week:

This is the introduction of the fourth horseman of the apocalypse in their horsemen story arc.  It is one of the coolest character intros I have ever seen anywhere.  It is not Stand Alone Awesome.  There are tons of moments like this in the series and the hope of a new one makes me DVR this puppy like a MoFo.

The thing that cracks me up about Supernatural (and what inspired me to write this blog post) is the evolution of the show in general.  Allow me to elaborate.  Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers (Hot 1 & 2 in picture strip above).  They were raised to hunt monsters by their father (who is played fantastically by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, also known as The Comedian in Watchmen).  In episode one of season one, we are given a little bit of family history, mainly what inspired John Winchester to teach his sons to hunt in the first place.  We are also given a glimpse of what turns out to be the main story arc – something is weird about Sam, something happened to him when he was just a baby, and it will forever change his world.  It seems relatively inconsequential at first; each episode of Supernatural season one really does seem to be “Winchester boys are looking for their missing father, but along their journey they hunt and murder whatever random spooky thing goes bump in the night.”  It plays out like a standard, formulaic action/adventure show that’s really got no soul behind it.

And then the demons show up.  The tail end of season one and into seasons two and three are laced with demonic story arcs, and that odd family history starts to come to the forefront as a main player.  The writers weave the formulaic monster hunting show in with this curious “who done it” mystery type thing, and eventually everything starts to revolve around “WHAT THE FUCK IS SAM WINCHESTER.”  I’m not sure when this mindless, brainless two-fisted-popcorn show became cerebral, but it did somewhere along the line and in a marvelously slow way, so you can’t really pinpoint a single place where things took a turn to Fantasy/Drama and OH MY GOD WHAT’S GOING ON HERE.

A couple other noteworthy things:  if any of our readers watch House, when I say “House’s patient of the week is usually one of THOSE actors”, you know what I mean.  House is great at hiring famous people on to do one shots (ie Amy Irving, Felicia Day, Jennifer Grey, James Earl Jones).  Somewhere around season three you start to see this phenomenon happening on Supernatural, too:  I spied a Six from BSG, Kurt Fuller, Mark Sheppard (Firefly fans rejoice, he’s awesome here too), and Linda Blair just to name a few.  As the show got more popular, so did the budget for awesome guest stars, so you get some amazing acting from people playing bit, temporary parts.  The music started kicking ass (Kansas, Metallica, other music you go HAY I KNOW THAT THAR), and they introduced some long-term player characters that somehow managed to improve an already solid cast (see:  Bobby Singer and Lucifer characters for reference).

At any rate, this show warrants checking out if you like the creepy-crawly urban fantasy type stuff.  It’s one of the few times I can honestly say a series starts off good and ends up great as the seasons go on, Season 5 coming to mind as particularly awesome.  There’s interesting stories, good writing, humor, great characters, and too many memorable scenes for me to list.  I don’t often recommend TV, but if you had to ask me for something, this show would be near the top of my list if not AT the top.

So yes, go forth and have a taste of beef.  I mean . . . give it a gander.  I bet you might like what you see.

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