A Very Bad Toy.

Hillary has been a very bad toy in regards to her blogging.  In my defense, I have had two separate updates over on the Divas (one in which I talk about Food That Will Sap Your Soul,  the other where I rant about the lack of Accountability On The Internet).   So I -have – posted, just not cross posted, and doesn’t that make me the worst person ever.

So a few writing things I figured I’d touch on today.  First and foremost, I wanted to thank Lauren for talking to me about Scrivener.   I’m not going to give the Scrivener thing a long blurb mostly because the website is incredibly informative and will do the program far more justice than I ever would.  Essentially, Scrivener is a writing tool that lets you format, outline, move things around, and generally act like a literary demigod while you produce a manuscript.  It’s incredibly customizable, and the best part?  There are short videos you watch that guide you step by step on everything from basic functionality to the more advanced features.  The developers really work with the end user to show them how Scrivener can work for them.

Sign me up, give me my tinfoil hat, I will be investing in this product when it goes live and I have like, money.

Next on the docket is exactly how bad I am at NOT writing.  I finished Devil’s around the first week of March and took a whopping week and a half to myself before I was dabbling with something else.  I’m at that stage where I throw plots at the wall and see what sticks.  Two separate projects are competing for attention right now, one that focuses on ghosts, one that gives a fictional identity to the Bell Witch.  Both are very viable germs.  Both may be replaced by a radioactive dinosaur idea tomorrow.  Once something hooks me, I’m sure I’ll be giving updates.

On the subject of Devil’s, so far I have had three full reads and all three have been highly complimentary.  I’ve got a couple folks I’m waiting on at this point, and hopefully the trend of “THIS IS GOOD, I WOULD BUY THIS” continues.  I did get my first piece of fan art (okay so maybe not fan art, Becky just likes to doodle) but I’m going to pretend it’s fan art and show it off anyway.


That’s my succubus, Nydia.  She is apparently everyone’s favorite in the book, and besides my villain, she was probably my favorite to write, so I think I did something right.

I did get a rare opportunity the other day, and that was to give one of Sarah Bromley‘s manuscripts a gander.  It was a fantastic read, the story itself rife with mood and complex characters.  To be blunt, the mood thing was intimidating as it’s probably where I fail most as a writer.  I’ve taken a very direct, almost surgical approach to laying information out in my manuscripts, so mood has always fallen by the wayside.  I think going forward I’m going to work on creating more atmosphere to see if I can manage it. The worst thing that happens is I decide a more streamlined approach is for me and I nix a few thousand words.  That never killed anyone before.

I’ve also got a ringside seat for Lauren’s WiP, Night Owls, and that’s been really fun too.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by wildly talented people.  They’re always saying or doing or creating something that leaves me feeling just a little bit behind the curve.  That’s not such a bad thing (well, until I have an I HATE HEEREE I’M GOING TO DIE PENNILESS IN A MAYTAG BOX day.  Then it’s not so great, but I muddle through.)

I’m currently pecking away at reading Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself, and I’m thinking about moving onto a short story anthology while I write so I can have small doses of literature while I attack my own projects.  I’m always open to suggestions, folks, so if you read something good, pop me a line.

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