Porkin’ Another Story Behind The Shed

In a brilliant Wendig-ism (if you write and you don’t read Terrible Minds you’re very silly), Becky accused me of cheating on my WiP with another story.  Welp, she was right, and 8k words in about six days later, I have a plot that’s sticking like glue.  Thank CHRIST.

Devil’s was one of those projects that required brain power.  I had full outlines, sweeping arcs, and the words didn’t always flow naturally because I was so fixated on getting from point A to Z I had to be careful.  I’m not gonna lie, it could be a real uphill climb.  I’m pleased with the outcome, mind you, and I’m hoping M likes it when she gets around to reading it, but it was a labor of love.  If I ever get to the point of writing the Devil’s sequels (the whole story arc is likely a trilogy) I’m sure it’ll be much the same as the first.  Precision and attention to detail is imperative to making everything work like a machine.  Each part and cog needs to serve its purpose, the words need to serve a purpose, there is no excess fat.

I didn’t want that with my next project.  I  wanted something light and fun and airy, and Margaret and Janice (which will probably be renamed at SOME point) fits the bill.  I get to flex some humor muscles, and I get to use a voice that makes me break out in giggles when I throw words at the page.  It’s just what the doctor ordered.  Does this mean that the other first chapters I have aren’t good?  No!  It just means they require a different mindset than I have right now.  I’ll get it back, just not /this instant/.

In other news, since I last updated there’s been a Divas article (see Vintage Toys), and there will be another one by week’s end.  I’ll cross post it soon!

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