Random Thoughtlet. Barbie, Body Image, Rage.

Barbie can, in the esteemed words of a wise man, eat a bag of dicks. Should I ever reproduce, Barbie will not make an appearance in a Hillary household.

Why? Because she’s designed to set unrealistic expectations of what real women should be. She’s disproportionate – her waist is so small, physics dictate that she should fold in half. Her tits are too big, and pointed straight ahead like a pair of headlights. She’s taught us that long legs are good, and blond and blue-eyed is supreme over all else. She’s hairless and smooth and shiny like a pearl. She’s sent the message to countless women that our only goals should be clothes, shoes,to get thinner, and a pink, shiny corvette. A big house with an equally perfect Ken is the key to happiness.

No. No and No and No and No.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughtlet. Barbie, Body Image, Rage.

  1. Ha! Figures the first thing you see is me with my rant pants on. There was an article on some website that day about a girl who got some horrible gastrointestinal disease that brought her weight down to 88 pounds. Quite literally skin and bones with no muscle, and yet /everyone told her how good she looked/. She was two steps from dead and us silly Americans were complimenting her on her slimness. Something is desperately wrong with society when that happens, and it occurred to me our ideas of beauty start early. I’d give a kid a fat Barbie doll at this point, but that’s about it.

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