Let Me Introduce You.

To some new music I like. Well, new by my standards (as in “New To Me”). In turn, if you have a song you really love and want others to listen to, you should share it in comments. Link it from youtube. I want to be educated. EXPAND MY HORIZONS. DO IT WITHOUT REQUIRING A WALK OF SHAME AND A PATERNITY TEST LATER ON. (Innuendo rules the day!)

Snow Patrol – Set Fire To The Third Bar

Interestingly enough, I hated their Chasing Cars hit. It got overplayed to the point that whenever it came on the radio, I’d shred at my eyes and hair and scream WHY GOD, WHY. I managed to purge it from my head by sacrificing squirrels to my dark gods, but eventually, my yard ran out of squirrels.

Regina Spektor – Samson

This might be the saddest song I’ve heard in a very, very long time. It has a sweet melody, a sweet love story, and a huge dose of bittersweet. Last time I can remember a song moving me this much was Tracy Chapman’s The Promise. Anyone listening to those two songs back to back should probably invest in wrist-guards so they don’t start cutting.

Mirah – Special Death

Thank you American Horror Story for introducing me to THIS little gem. It’s a very creepy lullaby type deal (reminding me of Ivy’s Worry About You, which wins it awesome points.) Also, total side note? If and when American Horror Story comes on Netflix? If you don’t watch it the rabid wombats will come and eat your eyeballs while you sleep. It’s THAT good.

Missy Higgins – Where I Stood

This girl’s got that dusky, dreamy type voice that feels a bit like a cross between Shawn Colvin and Hope Sandoval. As I like both of those chicks, BOOM CHICKA WOW. Another softer, sweeter lamentation type tune. Apparently I’m feeling all sensitive and shit these days.

Guster – Two Points For Honesty

You know a band is great when you constantly rotate favorite songs by them. The thing I like best about Guster is every time I think I’ve explored every bit of their musical catalog, I find another little gem of a song that just gets to me. It’s been Satellite, it’s been Either Way, it’s been Airport Song. Right now? It’s Two Points For Honesty.

SO PEOPLES. Those who I adore and who read my words and think they’re not a bunch of crap – share with me the songs you’re playing on rotation these days. Edu-ma-cate me on what’s good. I like all genres, I like all sounds. Hit me with your best shot.


10 thoughts on “Let Me Introduce You.

  1. I love “Special Death.”

    This song is freakin’ manic, and I love it. You need to find the lyrics to get most of what Spencer is singing. But it includes the fantastic line, “I have lusted after you the way bloodsuckers do.” It’s called “The Mending of the Gown” – Sunset Rubdown

    and another Sunset Rubdown song I love, “For the Pier (and Dead Shimmering)”

  2. I’m not certain of a single person within my tiny sphetre of influence that likes country, but I really want people to like Eric Church. Particularly “These Boots” and “Springsteen.”

  3. Back in the day, I used to love country. One of my favorite songs is still Wynona and Clint Black’s “A Bad Goodbye” and Wynona’s “Is It Over Yet” can make me cry. I loved Garth, too. SO. Country is not a deal-killer for me. CHECKING IT OUT.

  4. Jesca Hoop is the most intelligent and complex songwriter to come down the pike in years. I heartily recommend ‘Kismet’ and ‘Hunting My Dress.’

  5. Holy crap. I heard that Soul Patrol song somewhere, loved it, and forgot about it. That one is going on my To-Buy list.

    Wait. Same thing with the Regina Spektor. BUY ALL THE SONGS.

    Don’t have time to listen to all of them right now. I want to fling this up before I forget:

  6. I’m happy to see Of Monsters And Men here, because to be honest, I was going to post that very same song.

    Regina Spektor is glorious. Do as Fallah says and BUY ALL THE SONGS. I particularly love “Us.”

    As far as country goes, nobody I know would accuse me of being a huge country fan, but Neko Case is a shining exception.

  7. I never had a chance to come back yesterday, so have some more songs I like! It’s a rather eclectic collection but I have no idea what is popular in other parts of the country.

    So many good Mutemath songs, but try this one:

    I feel like I shouldn’t like AWOLNATION but I’m addicted to this one and Sail as well:

    Not a new song but I still love it:

    Of course this is the new hotness. Almost everyone I know loves this one no matter what your musical tastes are:

    Lately I’ve also had a thing for The Black Keys, some Cage the Elephant, Adele, Florence & The Machine, Silversun Pickups…

    I could be here all day!

  8. And now here comes Tart with her random ass musical tastes. >.> (and I admit it… I have a weakness for emokid bands)

    Well, my first song pick is apparently not up on youtube. 😦 if you have spotify I think it’s up there. You and Me by Her Space Holiday.

    This is one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite songs by them:

    The Gaslight Anthem is awesome.

    I’m also a huge fan of cover songs and this one is my favorite as of late

    This song. SOOOO much love for it. The girl is all of 16 (well maybe 17 now) but the song is glorious. The rest of her stuff is really good too

    Lastly and oldie but goodie ❤

  9. Oh wow, you guys. You went above and beyond!

    Sarah – we listen to a lot of the same stuff, I think. Good calls.

    Pish – Saw Neko Case live with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and she’s FANTASTIC. Huge voice on such a little girl.

    Fallah – Of Monsters and Men . . . I keep listening to this song. Also, starting to really dig Metric lately.

    Jesca Hoop reminds me of Caro Emerald, which is a very good thing. Great voice. :O

    And Tart, interesting – last song of yours I knew from Iron and Wine’s version, but I think I like this one way better. It’s much more upbeat. 😀


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