I Believe. Now Calm Down.

I like when people I know are passionate about things, especially things that better the world. Passions make people interesting, they can improve the quality of life for us and any future usses that might waltz around on our big, green planet. I’m fortunate enough to know a lot of people with big pulsing brains and big beating hearts. The marriage of those qualities? Impassioned support for various causes and beliefs. Luckily, none of those causes or beliefs are what I deem uncomfortable or immoral. No one’s carrying a “LET’S KICK KITTENS WITH CLEATS” sign around, for example.

Being that I’m surrounded by all these wildly outspoken, bright, piss-and-vinegar individuals, I hear a lot of speeches. Sometimes they’re AT me, sometimes they’re rants about society in general, sometimes they’re at someone else in my general vicinity. Most of the time, these diatribes are justified things. They’re not just random drive-by bitchings because someone somewhere is flying in the face of my friend’s cause. It’s not a nameless person being ignorant, but a clear and unignorable example of why my friend believes passionately about his or her cause in the first place. Sometimes, though . . .


It’s happened a couple times lately that people have leveled all 8,000,000 bolts of FURY in my direction over fairly innocuous things. I misspoke, someone else misspoke. Something isn’t jiving with a friend’s cause and said friend has gone from zero to eight hundred in 2.7 seconds. The utter -RAGE- I bear witness to scares the ever-living CRAP out of me. It’s like standing next to a volcano. You might not have lava boiling all over your bones, but being near it is terrifying, and what if it spews that orange death your way because you look at it funny?

Which is why I’m going to ask a favor. HOLY SHIT, CALM THE FUCK DOWN BEFORE YOU TRY TO SWAY ANYONE TO YOUR CAUSE. No, seriously. You have something good to say – you support something other people SHOULD agree with, SHOULD learn, but if you deliver your message like a roid-raging banshee, not only will you turn people off from you as a person, but your cause loses potential supporters, too. You’d think this would be a self-evident thing, right? Yeah, no. Seems like it gets forgotten when The Cause is invoked. Embrace the force, Luke. Chill for a minute so you can rationalize and present thoughts in a cohesive, non-crazed manner

Communication 101- rational discussion trumps all. If you really believe that your cause is worth your support and tears, give it its due. Take the thirty seconds to breathe through your knee-jerk anger so you can help someone see a situation how you see it. Making them shit Twinkies all over the rug because they’re afraid of you does nothing. They’ll think you’re a bully, a douchebag, or a nutcase – possibly all three. Also, SHAME? Very rarely an effective tool. Sneering at people because they haven’t come to the same conclusion as you is pretty much the dumbest thing ever.

Right, think that’s that. Peanut Gallery Out.

2 thoughts on “I Believe. Now Calm Down.

    • I don’t really think this is much in the way of a rant – not in the way of NO, FUCK YOU, GO AWAY. And, as I pointed out when I brought this up on Facebook, there is a bit of irony to addressing it at all, yes. But how the hell else do you make the point? What it really comes down to is if you have something important to say — something you passionately believe — take a minute to breathe before you drop all eight metric tons of inferno on the person you’re going to talk to about it. Enthusiasm is great. Rage-a-holic explosions, not so much. And if this read as a rage-a-holic explosion, then perhaps I need to address my tone. That was not the intent.

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