Back Like A Bad Smell!

HEYO.  Bet you missed me.  Or not – I’m fairly convinced the hits I do get during the day are all weirdos looking for lactating night elves and other “less-appreciated” pornographic slants  (“wedgies with poop in pants” is one of my most recent favorites.)

Anyway, so – rewrite.  I did a rewrite.  You probably heard about it already because I screamed to the bloody heavens that it was done.  I’m fairly sure my victory shriek echoed across the world.  “But why was it such a big deal that you finished?  You write, like, all the time, Hill.”  SO GLAD YOU ASKED IMAGINARY BLOG READER!

I wrote a book called The Legacy.  It garnered interest – woo ha – but some of the editors that liked it wanted something a wee bit different. I said, “WELL, OKAY” and with Miriam’s encouragement, went to town on a rewrite.  I tried to consolidate the feedback I had (which was eerily similar across the boards – and that’s a good thing) and made what is essentially a new book.  Of the original draft, I kept the first five chapters intact:  10,000 words.  From June 13th until July 22nd, I wrote an additional 55,000 words.  I also worked full time.  Do the math.  It works out to A LOT OF FRIGGIN’ WORDS IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME.

“WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF,” says head blog reader.  Well, because I wanted it back to the people who enjoyed it enough to ask for a redraft as quickly as possible.  Essentially?  I didn’t want it to be forgotten.  “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE QUALITY?”  It’s high.  “HOW DO YOU KNOW?’  People I trust told me so.  “WHAT DOES MIRIAM THINK?”  I dunno, blog-reader.  Give her a chance, will ya?  She got it at four pm yesterday.

So what did I learn from this experience?  A lot, actually.

– I’m better with deadlines than I gave myself credit for.

-Sometimes, a story just works and the idea you have from the beginning really WILL pan out in the end.

-I could probably effectively NaNo, but I still don’t want to.  This was very high stress.

-I enjoy writing villains.

-I enjoy writing main characters who are self-sufficient.  I don’t think a character NEEDS a relationship to be interesting.

-Horror’s hard to write.  What’s scary to me is not scary to other people.

-Now that it’s over, I’m kinda not sure what to do with myself.

The hardest part of this rewrite is going to be the wait from here on out, I think.  I rushed to get it back into hands as quickly as possible so I could “strike while the fire was hot” but that doesn’t mean the industry will move fast.  It usually doesn’t.  It’s sort of  slow as molasses in winter, and usually  I’m pretty okay with that.  This time, though, I may chomp my nails down to the quick.  At least you guys know I’ll be blogging more again.  And won’t THAT make you all SQUEE.

(Pretend to SQUEE for me.  Please.  It’ll make me happy.)

One thought on “Back Like A Bad Smell!

  1. Hey, waitaminnit! Where’re the pictures of lactating night elves loading up their pantaloons before doling out some solid atomic melvins???

    Or not. Anyhoo…

    Maybe I’m biased, but having had a ringside seat for this re-write, I can say that this new incarnation of the novel is actually a stronger book than the original. It is genuinely scary in (many) parts, has great pacing, and better use of the supporting cast. And I say all that knowing that the original was my favorite of our humble hostess’ work.

    Squee, indeed.

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