It Starts With A Song.

Like a lot of writers I know, I tend to use music as a way to set mood in my head before I sit down and commit words to paper.  It’s a way to flesh out characters.  It’s a way to visualize scenes and capture a mood.  Sometimes, I make the “soundtrack” of my book like it’s a movie about to be played for everyone else.  When I start to lose my way, I pop in a track or twelve and I can refocus.  Keeps me honest to my original vision, if you will.

Here’s the good news:  I got Clayton’s song.  Clay’s the hero of my next book.  I’m going weird west, folks, and it’s . . . really weird. But I think it’ll work.  There’s western elements, fantasy elements, and a l’il bit of steampunk.   There’s cowboys, fairies, a tiger named Montague, and some kind of mechanical animal that I haven’t decided on yet, but I know he’s called Frederick.  FREDERICK?!

Anyway, back to the song thing.  This?  Is Clayton:

Specifically because of the following lyrics:

One more cross I have to bear
Spend a little too much time down there
Wear my scars pink and proud
Still can’t say her name out loud
Ooh, I guess I lost my head
Ooh, let’s put this thing to bed.

(All lyrics belong to Thornley – I’m not that clever.)

This is not the first time a character had a theme song from the onset.  Maggie from The Awesome?  Yeah.  This.

Come on Cherry, Cherry, you’re still very young
And we’ve only just started having fun
I’m picking through, and I choose you
You’re so cool,
No need to save yourself for someone else to come.

(Same deal – Dragonette this time.  WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE MORE TALENTED THAN ME.)

So it’s a thing with me.  I like to assign music to characters because it helps me connect with them.   It also gives me something to smile about later on.  A song comes on, I associate it with my work, and voila!  Instant smiles.  And I’m all about the instant smiles, yo.

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