This Is Not For You.

I don’t dress for you. I do it for me.

I pick things that are comfortable and colors that make me happy. I wear things that remind me of my favorite stuff, like tee shirts with goofy cartoons and logos from my favorite video games. I wear ruffles when I want because sometimes I feel girly. Other times I wear a funny hat because I’ve decided it’s a funny hat day. I’m usually barefoot except when I’m not and even then I’m in sandals. Possibly during the winter because I’m a little weird. My jeans are sometimes faded and my sweatshirts zip along the front. They’re likely unbranded because I’m not interested in shiny labels.

At times I’ll wear a short skirt because I want to feel sassy and daring. On the rare occasion, I’ll wear high heels, too, because I’m tall and I like to stand out.

I’ll wear fancy lingerie under a sweat suit for no other reason than I like to keep a secret now and then. I don’t pay attention to fashion because fashion doesn’t always look good on me. I have shirts from the 90’s, jeans from the 00’s, and accessories from the 10’s. I’ll wear a beloved piece of clothing until its threadbare because I grow too attached to broken-in comfort. My hair is worn natural, but there have been strange colors in it and I don’t regret any of them. There might be strange colors in it again one day, but that depends on my mood. I don’t style it much because I like to keep it simple and putting my hair back is convenient even if it’s boring. When I choose to wear it down, it’s curly because I don’t care enough to straighten it.

Besides, I like curly hair. It makes me feel a little untamed.

I know these things might make me sound ridiculous to you. They might make me look ridiculous in your eyes, too. You might think that you’re cooler or more sophisticated than I am because of your brand name and taste. And really, that’s okay. I invite you to say what you want about me even if it’s “She looks awful in that.” Say that I’m not stylish, say that I’m a nerd. Comment on how fat my legs look in that short skirt. It won’t change a thing, because at the end of the day, I’m comfortable with what I put on this body. I’m comfortable in my skin when I dress like this, even if looking at me makes you uncomfortable.

If you don’t like it?

Screw you.

I dress for me, not you.

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