That Post I Always Wanted To Write.

And here it is. It’s official, I’m a Disney Hyperion author. Yes, someone bought my brain baby.The Rewrite From Hell yielded me a few offers, Miriam did her Miriam thing, and the end result is I can dedicate the spongey piece of meat inside of my skull to storycrafting for the next couple of years.

So. Details. Well, Mary (possibly titled UNLEASHED?) is a YA horror about Bloody Mary – the mirror ghost you summon in darkened bathrooms. It’s “scare your pants off” horror because I’m all for freaking out folks. I’ll be writing two books for Hyperion and we’re hashing out whether book two will be a Mary sequel versus another urban legend horror YA.  My editor is the wonderful Christian Trimmer who works on all sorts of cool stuff for Hyperion, so I’m super stoked.  What else? Oh, right. It’s due out in fall of 2014 to capitalize on Halloween madness. I’m sure there will be stuff and things and whatnots announced later on, but more details as they become available.

Thoughts: many. I have them, but they’re jumbled. I’m overjoyed, terrified, and grateful. So very goddamned grateful. This is a process that starts with one person writing one book, but then it takes a whole tribe of people to get it beyond that point. Miriam’s my hero for obvious reasons right now, but really, it only sorta starts there. Lauren, Becky, and Sarah edited the crap out of that rewrite and considering I killed myself to get it written in five weeks while working a day job? Yeah. Those ladies knocked it out of the park by getting their commentary in early. I’m fortunate to have them as friends and crit partners. Dave has supported me through all of this, so thanks to him for being my number one fan (and my own walking, talking horror database). Thanks to Eric and Greg for being such rockstar super friends. Thanks to TS Ferguson for being a sounding board (and one day, Sir – one day.) Thanks to my parents for their love, support, and ability to produce such a weird, eccentric kid. Thanks to the beta readers who told me honestly whether or not my book sucked (Lara, Crystal, Chandra, Evie, Lauren, Renee, Nikki, Claire, Brian, Melinda, Laurie . . . and on and on. If I missed you, I swear it wasn’t intentional.) Thanks to the rest of my friends (Scott and Reuben, I’m looking at you) for putting up with the blubbering madness that spills from my mouth on a daily basis.

I’m a lucky, lucky girl. I’ve been blessed with an amazing circle of family and friends. Thanks for believing in me and my bizarre little hobby-turned-career.

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