Short and Sweet.

I’m busy right now. Very busy, so the blog needs to sit idle until I finish A CURSE IN CLAY. Which I should finish over the course of the next few weeks if I behave myself and work hard. That means no rambling, ranting, or otherwise.

A few things that have distracted me in the meanwhile.

I love this girl. The deadpan delivery in Hunger Games was actual acting and not, you know, because she can’t act. Good to know. Random thought, though – how many men got asked what it was like dressing for the Oscars? And what was she supposed to say there? “I GREASED UP MY BODY AND RAN AT THE DRESS AND THEN SLID BETWEEN THE SKIRTS.” She took a shower, she put on the dress, she got her hair and makeup done.

Also this went on my FB page so I apologize to the folks that have to see this twice, but:

The Feel Good Product!

The Feel Good Product!

No one should be ashamed of not having a boyfriend. No one should think that having imperfect skin is the reason they’re single. No zit has that much power, Dudes. The amount of totally fucked-up this is . . . I can’t even. Proactiv will never get my money. Ever.

Oh, and neither will these people!


“Give up the things you love to go to the gym. Because whatever you’re doing that makes you happy is unimportant so long as you’re fat! We will reduce your hobbies to pathetic excuses for not being at the gym every day!” Screw that. Seriously. I’d rather see someone happy and fat than resentful that they gave up the things they loved to pursue a single digit size. Plus, you know, making a hedge elephant is way more impressive than that turd in a pot on the right side.

My opinion of marketing people is at an all time low right now.

3 thoughts on “Short and Sweet.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence is hilarious, and those ads? They’re mind-bogglingly terrible. I can’t even.

    And that girl on the left is way cuter. (Not that the ad would be okay if she weren’t. I just saw that photo and went, “Adorable!” and then saw the right version and realized the point of the ad and… yuck.)

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