Links ‘N Things.

With one hundred percent less sheets!

Not much to report today save for a couple links.

For starters: My first official author interview is here. I talk all about writing the Bloody Mary book. Well, I sort of talk about it – what I remember writing the first draft could be poured into a thimble. The whole thing was a blur at the beginning, though the two months of rewrites are still a particularly vivid memory mostly because I peeled off my face during those six weeks. I function pretty well for an animated skull.

Second: Read this post by Lauren. It’s why CNN’s bunk reporting job on the Steubenville case is indicative of a HUGE societal problem. When a reporter can sit there and grieve the wasted lives of the young men over the trauma of the victim, YOU’RE DOING SOMETHING WRONG. MANY THINGS WRONG.

Last: A Wendigo post. Long and short of it, the chick that wrote 50 Shades is going to write a “How to” guide for writers. Now, I won’t pee in your Cheerios if you’re into her books, but I will say from a craft of writing perspective? Her books were, umm. Yeah. She writes sex well! The comparisons and narrative are . . . just read the article.

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