When Your Brand is Hate.

My answer is, “Piss Off.”

Abercrombie and Fitch hates me. They always hated me, even when I got thin some years back and looked better in my double-digit-but-not-fat-kid clothes than most chicks do in a size six. Why? Because I wore an extra large sized shirt and Abercrombie only carries small, medium, and large.

Now, at my thinnest, I wore said extra large shirt for two reasons:

– broad back
– huge tatas

No real belly to speak of, nor was I bursting at the seams. But, according to Lurch (AKA Mike Jeffries), that broad back and those huge boobies made me UNCOOL. I wasn’t petite so I didn’t fit into the American standard of beauty. It doesn’t matter that I was* smoking hot and bipedal creatures hit on me a lot. Because I didn’t fit into a dainty, dew-faced stereotype, he didn’t want me in his duds.

Why? Because he wants to capitalize on the American divide in high schools between COOL and UNCOOL and the first way to do that is sort by size. Never mind that the divide’s responsible for a lot of problems facing teens: bullying, low self-esteem, eating disorders, hazing. Shit, perpetuating the mentality of In is a money maker! Pure profit, yo. Who wants to bother loving thy neighbor when you can say, “Screw your neighbor because they’re fat, ugly, and poorer than you.” Thems some good American values!

Let’s up the ante on the offensiveness, yeah? While A&F only carries S – L for the girls, they DO carry XL and XXL for the boys, because the boys might be athletes. Or, you know, funny. Because the funny guy can be popular and fat and that’s perfectly fine, but the moment a girl is into that size 10/12, FUCK HER. She’s out. Not cool, don’t you dare put on their brand. You could be the funniest fat chick this side of the cosmos and Abercrombie wants nothing to do with you.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Did I mention they burn their excess clothes because they don’t want the homeless in their brand? Yeah. They do that. Remainder clothes are destroyed so it doesn’t get in the hands of anyone, you know, dirty. Then there was that whole blatantly racist thing against Asians some years back, too, because they want to make sure they alienate everyone. Oh! And thanks, Lewis, for reminding me about the sexying up children thing they’ve been accused of multiple times.

So basically what I’m seeing here is, like, two out of fifteen people are allowed to wear their shit. White skinny people. They only want pretty white skinny people, though, so while you might be skinny enough, if you’re ugly they frown on you wearing their shirts. Their pretty salespeople might attack you when you walk in the door. IF you can walk in the door, that is – the goddamn store reeks like a French whorehouse. Too much cologne and you can smell it down the hall.

Anyway, as a human who doesn’t like shitty companies with shitty policies, the next time someone asks for gift certificates there or a pair of jeans or wants you to support this Douche-Making corporation, I’ma ask you to JUST SAY NO. Best way to tell a company they’re a problem is to get them where it counts. Which, in this case, is in the pocketbook. Screw haters right in the face.

(*I said was. I am still aware of my appeal even at my slightly orbital size. But it was an example, so don’t get in ma grill, yo. <3)

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