Rageface, The Musical.

Only with 100% less music because holy crap, what the hell is wrong with people?

Profanity. You’ve been warned. Hillary’s mad and when she’s mad, she spews angry words and fire and acid spit and . . . you know the drill. Your work filters won’t like me when I’m mad.

My NNNNNGH started here. Read that article. No, seriously. Stop reading the crap I’m slinging and go read Ann’s post because it’s honest and terrible and something people need to know and see about my beloved industry. Shit, man – about my beloved world. “Sexism doesn’t exist anymore.” Suuuuure it doesn’t. Look at the updates with the hate emails. How DARE this Ann Aguirre person get her ovaries all up in male business? How DARE she upset the apple cart by calling attention to the blatant sexism in her neck of the Petri dish?

How dare she.

So let’s talk about the SWFA! For those not in the know, the SWFA is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers association. Basically, if you write Sci-Fi or Fantasy, you’re probably in the SWFA because they’re that big and that important. There’s a drama storm going on because two old timers in the industry (Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg) were called out for some fairly sexist remarks they made in a recent SWFA newsletter. Their response was to mock the anonymous haters in the LATEST bulletin (claiming they were being censored because, you know, that’s what you do when you’re told you’re discriminating – cry freedom of speech.) Fortunately, Jim Hines decided to name some of those “anonymous” people and uhh. There are some fairly significant names on that list. Scalzi, the out-going SWFA president and ever the decent dude, is owning up to his fail regarding the newsletter and has formed a task force to address the rampant sexism plaguing the SWFA in hopes of staunching the bleeding.

It’s a mess. But it’s a mess that’s all due to this horrid “boy’s club mentality” that plagues Sci-Fi, fantasy, and, umm, life. Because yeah, there’s real resentment when women show an interest in what has been a male-oriented THING. Sure, not all dudes are jerks. In fact, most of them are cool, but when the asshole minority is louder than the cool majority, we’ve got a problem.

I guess it comes down to this: if you’re one of those folks mooning for the good ol’ days of SFF where it was chainmail bikini book covers and female characters written as victims so the male protagonist can save her or . . . I dunno, as alien baby factories because that’s the role us titted creatures should be playing in SF, fuck you. Fuck your good ol’ days right in the ear. Fuck your outdated, douchey view of my role in your bizarre, nerdy, male-oriented society.

Reality check for the haters:

I’m smarter than 99% of you. My best friend is smarter than me, so that means she’s smarter than you. My mother (and grandmother when she was here) would eat little dorks like you for breakfast and not have the decency to belch afterwards because you’re not worth their belches. Women are here to stay. They’re strong. They’re intelligent. They’re aware that they matter beyond the curve of their breasts and the crevice betwixt their thighs.

I’m going to write books with a fantasy slant because I like to write weird stories. You don’t have to like my stories, but someone else will and that’s all that matters. I’m not going to shy away from your boy nerd rage because I’m afraid of getting my feelings hurt. If you talk over me, I will talk over you because you don’t scare me. And if you make me slap you down, I will make you look like a fool. I’m good at being a bitch when I have to be. If you ignore me, I’ll get louder. If you degrade me, I’ll drop the fucking internet on your head because that’s how I roll. If you throw, “But Jane says everything’s peachy and she’s a woman and therefore speaks for your entire gender” – well, fuck Jane. Because she’s a nothing to me and she probably isn’t as smart as I am either.

Enough of this. Enough. There’s plenty of swings for all the kids at the playground regardless of their pants parts. Let’s start acting that way, hmm?

3 thoughts on “Rageface, The Musical.

  1. Keep on preaching, Hillary: I’m right there with you. Here’s the comment I posted in reply to Ann’s article:

    As an Old White Dude (almost 61), and a WASP to boot, I just want to go on record as saying how disgusted, disappointed, and ashamed I am of the shit you’ve had to endure, Ann. There is no excuse, and no place for it, in our society at large, nor in the SFF community. And anyone trying to pull the “well, he was drunk” card is every bit the asshole, too. Count me as a brand-new fan.

  2. Jesus, count me in as well. It’s this kind of thing that’s made me start a project that will hopefully help address and improve equality in sci-fi and speculative fiction in general.

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