Stuff and Things Edition Twelve.

I have thoughts today.  Many thoughts, and while I’d love to spend a lot of time blabbing on about stuff and things (as this title indicates) I can’t.  So short brain smears for y’all:

*  This Philip Seymour Hoffman thing is officially on my radar.  I was unhappy when I found out he’d passed because I’ve enjoyed a good deal of his work.  The problem I’m having is the ensuing media frenzy that acts like heroin is some new and interesting tragedy.  If an underprivileged dude died in his apartment stuffed with needles and wallowing in a pile of his own vomit, the general consensus would have been, “make better life choices.”  One Hollywood “Every Man” dies and it’s a show stopper.  The smack dealers are being arrested and punished to satisfy some court-of-public-opinion blood lust.  COME ON.  Where was the rage last week?  Or the week before that?  Why do we have such a screwed up relationship with celebrity in this country?

*  Christopher Moore is one classy dude.  He’s answered a lot of writer questions for me and has been a stand-up guy re: industry business.  If you haven’t read his books, you should.  They’re funny and awesome, like the man himself.

*  I’m writing MARY’s sequel and working on an adult horror project with that Lauren Roy person.  The last is a modern horror with Lovecraftian backbone.  Lots of shadowy, tentacle things, cults, and old magic.  BE PREPARED.

*  Also, Lauren’s book comes out this month.  Buy it.  Please.  She’s a great person.  I would like to make her awesome into a cellphone app I can take anywhere.

*  There is a strange cat living in my basement.  I call her Winks.  She’s sort of a pathetic little thing–older, portly, with only one good eye.  Friendly, though, and until Dave and I are sure she’d end up in a good home, we’re keeping her here.  Worst case scenario she becomes an indoor/outdoor cat.  But I’m glad with all of the bad weather we were able to wrangle her inside the house so she didn’t freeze to death.  It’s been an ugly few weeks in New England and she’s far too sweet to be given over to the elements.


*  I have a makeup problem.  I might start a page dedicated to makeup reviews.  Because Sephora and Ulta are that prevalent in my life right now.

*  Short story writing is hard.  You have such condensed space to make characters come alive, present a problem, resolve a problem.  I rarely do short fiction.  Luckily, “The Bone Man’s Bride” was well received by the anthology’s editor.  He loved it.  Which means you will see me in a short story collection along with one of my writer heroes, Chuck Wendig.  This brings me joy.

*  My hair is pink!  WEEE.


*  Tucker was an abused bloodhound.  Ontario rescue finally got Tucker out of his horrible situation, got him the medical attention he desperately needed post doggy trauma and neglect, and doesn’t poor Tucker develop bloat (which killed one of my mother’s dogs.)  The surgery for Tucker was $4,000, but the shelter–despite not having the funds–didn’t want to put the dog down in the wake of everything he’d been through.  He’s a senior dog and has never had a great life.  THIS is his second chance for a great life.  If you can spare $5 for this poor goggy, awesome.  They’re halfway to their goal now.  Let’s reward this Bloodhound Rescue for making the tough call with no guarantee of reconciling their veterinary fees.

That’s it for now.  More soon!

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