Me, Me, Everywhere.

Hello, long ignored blog. Let me dust you off to give a short (but tidy!) update.

I am writing. Deadline with MARY 2 means Hillary is drowning and not blogging. Not to mention that THE AWESOME’S edits came in which, while blissfully light, are still more to do! SO MUCH STUFF. SO LITTLE TIME.

I wanted to give a few writerly 4-1-1s about where I’m at, where my books are at because people ask a lot.

1) MARY releases on 9/2/2014. I’m only vomiting on the inside, not the out. Internal vomiting sounds rather deadly, doesn’t it?

2) 12/2/2014 brings us DANGEROUS GAMES which has my first short story ever. No, really. My first. And I’m appearing with Hugo winners. NO PRESSURE OR ANYTHING.

Isn’t the cover art snazzy?


3) Other me, Eva Darrows, has HER/MY (confusing!) debut coming out on 5/26/2015. The book is now on Goodreads. Also, the Eva Darrows blog is up, but will be more populated closer to release. Drowning, remember?

More news about other projects soon, but for now, that’ll have to hold you.


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