I’m a Lucky Duck.

Hyperion has done me a huge service by making MARY’s packaging so very beautiful (if creepy stuff can be beautiful?)

The first picture is the dust jacket versus the “naked” book:


The second is the back. Here’s the beauty there–my editor says to me, “Did you see the bug on the back of the book?” I thought she meant error, but no. She meant actual bug. I stripped the jacket off and lo, there is an insect scuttling across my book. Subtle and very cool.


Did you see it?



Less than a month until release. I’m TOTALLY ready for this.

(I’m TOTALLY lying.)

2 thoughts on “I’m a Lucky Duck.

  1. I love little details on covers. It’s feels like, to me, a sign that someone really cares about your work. Immediate warm fuzzies. Congrats on a great cover, and your release.

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