Do you enjoy short stories?  Do you like horror?  Get thee to the interwebs to pre-order!

My contribution is The Bone Man’s Bride.  “Set in a Dustbowl town in the US during the Great Depression, Hillary’s story–her very first short story, in fact–oozes atmosphere and menace.  A tale about the hyopocrisy of desperate adults, willing their children to a game they would never play themselves.  When times are tough, it is often the youngest that suffer.”  


Indiebound * B&N * Amazon

Available 12/4/2014

One thought on “Next Up. DANGEROUS GAMES.

  1. Hi, Hillary….I was in the audience at last night’s (11.19) YA writers panel. What a great discussion. Thanks. I loved the comment “I don’t like sky…”, stand up comedy, too, someday? Once I get my courage up I will read Mary: The Summoning, perhaps on a dark and stormy night. Thank you!
    Kathy Johnson SPL

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